Longevity.Technology publishes report on atherosclerosis and Cyclarity’s novel approach


We invite you to read the Longevity.Technology report “Disease management to disease modification – removing plaque to undo atherosclerosis”.

This detailed report highlights:

  • Atherosclerosis disease profile – accounting for over 40% of all deaths worldwide.
  • Current treatments that fail to address the underlying cause of the disease, or reverse the atherosclerotic plaques already formed. 
    Cyclarity’s novel “disease-modifying” solution to repair an underlying cause of many age related diseases, removing toxic biomolecules from inside cells.
  • Cyclarity’s primary candidate, UDP-003 a beta-cyclodextrin designed to target and remove toxic, oxidized cholesterol.
  • The potential promise for investors, healthcare systems in the US and globally, and, most of all, for those affected by atherosclerosis-related disease.
The report concludes:

Cyclarity’s approach to true disease medication, and therefore reversal of age-related disease, without doubt, offers a great deal of promise for investors, for healthcare systems in the US and globally, and most of all for those affected by atherosclerosis-related disease.

. . . this may be the perfect opportunity for Cyclarity to enter the field, as it is one of the few solutions available that addresses the limiting factors of previous therapies both from a scientific perspective and from a market perspective.

We’re thrilled to be working towards reversing the world’s leading killer and thankful to Longevity.Technology for bringing a focus to our novel treatment.

About Cyclarity

Cyclarity Therapeutics, Inc., is pursuing a mission to treat the underlying causes of age-related disease. The company develops simple and direct interventions targeting oxidized cholesterol using rationally designed molecules, to provide the first true disease-modifying treatments for common age-related conditions such as atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. Its products are based on novel derivatives of a well-known, safe compound and a new way of looking at cardiovascular disease. For more information, please visit www.underdogpharma.com or send an email to press@cyclaritytx.com

Forward Looking Statements

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Mike Kope
CEO of Corporate Affairs
Cyclarity Therapeutics, Inc.

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