Underdog Pharmaceuticals Named A Lighthouse Investment by Kizoo Technology Ventures


Kizoo Technology Capital GmbH has recently announced a $362M commitment to invest in rejuvenation biotechnology. If you haven’t seen the compelling write-up in BioWorld Today, please take a moment to read it here.

Underdog was delighted to be referenced therein as one of Kizoo’s “lighthouse” investments. Kizoo’s continued support in our Series A positions us to become a leader in the rejuvenation biotechnology revolution; their commitment to that industry is unparalleled and will transform the way treat age related disease. Thank you, Michael Greve, for this commitment!

Mike and Oki

Cyclarity News:

Cyclarity Therapeutics Announces Clinical Advisory Board

Cyclarity Therapeutics, Inc. today announced its newly formed Clinical Advisory Board to guide its clinical development of drug candidate UDP-003 for the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis, primary coronary artery disease, and associated cardiovascular diseases.

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KIZOO Technology Capital owner Michael Greve discusses recent scientific advancements with Drug Discovery World

KIZOO Technology Capital owner Michael Greve discusses the recent scientific advancements in addressing the root causes of age-related diseases in the rejuvenation biotechnology sphere—including the work of Underdog Pharmaceuticals. As one of Kizoo’s key startups, Underdog’s goal is to deliver affordable therapeutics for the prevention of heart disease and stroke through the removal of arterial plaque.

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